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Road Map

We are starting from our journey from NFTs and Music Arts, Here we now working with Blockchain arts NFTs which his movable over the Block Chain WEB 3.0

1. Launching Multiple NFTS which you can seen in Dynamic NFT page.  

2. Use Marketing Strategy

3. Fund raising

4. Development of Smart contract over ETH, Polygon, Sol, BNB

5. Designing and Development Play to earn Game

6. Launch Game over the our Platform

Nicolai Andresen

Lead Architecture

I am Nicolai Lead Archi. Having 15 year of experience over the Arch and Blockchain.

Hideo Max

Lead NFTs 

I am a designer artist and also leader of out internal team of Designer of 35 Members...

VR Goggles
Virtual Reality Game

Erika Holzman

Marketing Manager

I am a Marketing Manager, and having experience of 13 years from this field

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