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What is Dynamic


We believe that the potential of web3 can be realized when we start with imagination, not limitations.  No borders, no rulers, just people making cool shit, together. In the Dynamic,  fans and players are owners and creators, and in the game of web3, everyone can create and play together on one team.


Dynamic provides a fully decentralized system that is easily accessible to any user.

The reward system is divided into 3 investment plans which generate different interest according to the plan chosen by the investor.


Basic: Burn daily transaction fees has an entry fee of 5% of the initial investment and a claim fee of 5%. You can make a claim every 7 days.

Premium: Burn daily return has an entry fee of 7% of the initial investment and a claim fee of 7%. You can make a claim every 14 days.

VIP: Generates a 2% daily return has an entry fee of 10% of the initial investment and a claim fee of 10%. You can make a claim every 28 days.

With the power of compound interest, significant gains are possible.


Dynamic, through its governance system applied to investments, allows the Dynamic token's community of investors to have the power of decision and participation. Dynamic's risk analysis team will evaluate projects in the early stage, in which they will be analysed:


Project viability.

Security audits.

KYC of the development team.


Liquidity to be injected from the token.


In addition, Dynamic will audit the contracts to determine if they are secure and decentralized.

Once these projects go through these stages, they will be listed on the platform so that users can vote for the project they think Dynamic should invest in.

In the voting process users can burn Dynamic Coin tokens to obtain participation in a project, the higher the participation the higher the amount of rewards obtained from voting. This voting will take approximately 7 to 15 days.

Once the winning project has been chosen, the voting will be paused and users will be able to see which project was selected.

Dynamic will invest in the selected project, the amount of money accumulated in the investment wallet. When Dynamic takes profit, it will inject in BUSD/BNB distributed as follows:

Lending and Borrow

Dynamic's Lending and Borrow system offers 100% decentralized lending. Users will be able to borrow in BUSD in comfortable instalments and with low interest rates compared to the traditional system, for this they will need to leave as collateral crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ada, Polkadot, Avax, Solana, among others.

Users will be able to pay in instalments or in full your loan. Once an instalment is paid, the equivalent of the collateral is returned to the user, if the user pays their loan in full, all collateral is returned.

Dynamic in order to keep liquidity protected, the smart contract will establish a settlement price. If for any reason the price of the collateral decreases to that amount, the Dynamic oracle system will execute a sale transaction of the collateral and re-establish the liquidity, including the taxes associated with the loan.

Lending and Borrow

Dynamic will have an NFT marketplace in its ecosystem where users will be able to trade Black Cryptographic Card and NFTs belonging to commercial alliances.

The marketplace system will make use of an oracle system for users to list their dollar-based NFTs. To purchase an NFT in the marketplace, Token and NFTs will be required.

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